Case Study for MaskAndCapes - MP Store Credit implemented the MP-Store Credit App from Shopify to refine their process for returns and refunds, which led to a noticeable boost in customer retention and repeat business.

Case Study for - MP Store Credit

Business Brief

Masks and Capes is an online brand that sells Halloween theme masks and costumes. Whether you are looking for a spooky dress or horrible mask they provide all of that. To design your home with the same them you can buy accessories and Halloween decoration items. Caps and more. All these items can make your Halloween memorable with your family and friends. They have been selling these products on Shopify a well known platform to create store on. Their dedicated team help consumer with everything they want or require.


Masks and Capes brand was having some issues including they were struggling to properly manage the product return and refund on their store that influencing consumers to leave the site. Additionally they were unabling in building relationships with their customers, especially for store credit. This lack of transparency causing poor sales and brand impression. Thus they reach out to us to fix this prompting issue.


To improve the brand reputation and increase sales, we firstly introduced our Shopify MP-Store Credit App. Our app simplified the return on the site by providing customers with store credit when they return or exchange the product. This increase the chance of customer visiting the store again to use the store credit that they got and bring more options for exchange.

Additionally MP-Store Credit App smoothly keep track of any credit consumer get on transactions. This ensure customer will feel more confident while shopping on your store which keeping them coming back to your site.

Thus, the app is automtiaclly set to provide consumers with special rewards that go exact same with what store sells, encouraging customers to connect more with the brand and increase their reputation.


  • The MP-Store Credit App helped Masks and Capes save money by making returns and exchanges easier.
  • More than 10,000 store credit refunds were given out with the app.
  • Customers used over 32% of the store credits issued to them.
  • Customers spent over 115% more than their store credits when making additional purchases.
  • The app made it clear how customer credits were managed, building trust with shoppers.
  • By offering rewards that customers liked, the app encouraged them to shop again.
  • Using store credits became simple and fun, making shopping easier for customers.