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MakkPress Apps delivers personalized notifications directly to your customers' devices in real-time. With timely alerts and custom messages, you can increase engagement and drive more sales for your Shopify store.

Experience incredible profit growth with Push Remarketing!

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Create and Launch Campaigns in Minute
Create and Launch Campaigns in Minutes

Easily make and start campaigns with our simple campaign editor. Use our Push Remarketing tool to create successful ads for your push notifications that really work. Customize every part of your notifications to match your style.

Convert Visitors Automatically with Automation
Convert Visitors Automatically with Automation

Make it easy to convert visitors into customers by automating a series of notifications. Welcome visitors, guide shoppers, boost sales, and suggest products automatically to keep turning visitors into happy customers. Make your website visitors have a great time and remember their visit.

To Recover Lost Sales by Recovering Abandoned Carts
To Recover Lost Sales by Recovering Abandoned Carts

Learn how to return customers who have abandoned items in their online carts. We will use personalized messages to remind them and encourage them to complete their purchase. Use our tool to recover the sale successfully.

Expand Business with Pre-defined Campaign Feature
Expand Business with Pre-defined Campaign Feature

A pre-defined campaign is our Push Remarketing tool feature that's ready before starting. Our pre-defined campaign allows you to set everything in advance to make it feasible and optimized. This helps ensure a smooth and organized execution of the marketing activities.

Design Your Own Campaigns

Custom Campaigns let websites create personalized campaigns that match their preferences. You can customize when and how messages are sent to your audience. Plus, you can download templates to make campaign creation easier.

Personalize messages
Choose specific send times
Target specific audiences
Use downloadable templates
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Pre-defined Campaign

A pre-defined campaign is like a ready-to-go marketing plan that you can use without starting from scratch. It simplifies setting up your marketing efforts by providing templates and strategies that have already been proven to work. This saves time and ensures your messaging is consistent and effective.

Ready-to-use marketing plans
Simplifies campaign setup
Ensures consistency in messaging
Provides proven templates for success

Optimize With Automation

Automation in marketing means using technology to do repetitive tasks automatically, without needing to do them by hand. This saves time and makes marketing work more smoothly. With Push Remarketing automation, you can set up tasks like sending messages or emails when certain things happen, such as when someone leaves items in their online shopping cart or when a product's price changes. It helps keep things consistent and makes sure customers get the right messages at the right time to improve their experience.

Custom Campaign Options:

Welcome Notifications: Send a series of messages to say hello to new subscribers and introduce them to your store.
Abandoned Cart Recovery: Automatically remind customers about items they left in their cart to encourage them to finish their purchase.
Price Drop Alerts: Let subscribers know when the price of a product they like goes down.
Shipping Notifications: Keep customers updated by sending notifications about their order's delivery status.
Back In Stock Alerts: Tell customers when an item they wanted that was out of stock is available again.
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Why Choose MakkPress Apps For Push Remarketing Services?

Expertise in Push Remarketing

At MakPress Apps, we are really good at using push remarketing to get customers interested in your business. We know how to create push campaigns that attract attention and inspire action, and our expertise means your push marketing will be successful and help grow your business.

Customized Campaigns

We create push notification campaigns for your business needs only. Whether you want to share links, improve the customer experience in your app, or increase sales, we will create a campaign tailored to your goals.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is always here to help you. We will help you set up and improve your push campaigns, and if you have any issues, we will fix them right away. With our help, your push remarketing will run smoothly and effectively.

Proven Results

When you choose MakkPress Apps, you will see the real benefits of push remarketing. We focus on increasing engagement with your customers, keeping them coming back, and helping you grow your business. Our approach is proven to deliver strong and sustainable results for your business.

Why Use a Push Notification Services?

Push notification services have become very important for mobile apps in recent years. Apple introduced the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) for iOS in 2009, and Google launched its push notification service for Android in 2012. Users now expect push notifications as a standard feature, and they can benefit both you and your users. Here are the advantages of using a push notification service:

Increased Engagement

Using push notifications is an excellent method to keep your users interested and engaged. You can use them to share relevant information, remind users about your app, and encourage them to use special features or promotions. Studies show that push notifications have higher open rates compared to emails, SMS messages, and other forms of communication.

Improved Retention

With push notifications, you can create personalized messages for your users based on their behaviors, interests, and locations. This targeted approach can enhance customer retention and increase revenue.

User Control

Users appreciate push notifications because they are easy to manage. Users can choose to receive push notifications and can opt out whenever they want. This gives users more control over their app experience.

Drive Customer Engagement, Soar Conversions, and Enhance Your Sales Effortlessly!

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Predefined Templates

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Customizable Rules

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User-Friendly Interface

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Easy Integration


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"The support team is very responsive and helpful. This app offers a considerable amount of customization. It's priced fairly and adds value to our store. I do think you could split test campaigns more effectively. Rest everything is perfect about this app and i will surely suggest businesses to try it ! "

Jack Thompson

"Amazing straight out of the box. I had my techie standing by in case I needed help... and I didn't! Can't wait to play with all the features.I'm eagerly looking forward to exploring all the fantastic features. This product has exceeded my expectations! Highly Recommended"

Luke Anderson

"I recently downloaded the app for the first time and had the pleasure of being assisted by Vineet. His help was invaluable in getting me started. He took the time to explain everything in great detail, providing a demo and outlining the different automations available, along with their respective benefits."

Emily Davis

"initially i was unimpressed by the layout and options. it did not match the style or our store. but after reaching out to support, they systematically addressed my design needs and after about a week, we got to a good place. the push notifications work well"

Charlotte Wilson

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