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Push Remarketing by MP

Bring back customers and increase sales by sending them timely push notifications.

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MP Store Credit

Boost customer loyalty by offering store credits for refunds, cashback, and promotional credits.

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MakkPress Product Validator

Ensure serviceability with our postal/ZIP code validator.

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MakkPress Store Locator

Help customers find you offline with our easy-to-integrate Google Maps locator.

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MakkPress Free Shipping Bar

Drive average cart values with strategic free shipping promotions.

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MakkPress Quick Notification

Stay connected with your customers by sharing exciting sales, special deals, and important alerts.

MakkPress Apps – Your Digital Toolkit for E-commerce Excellence

At MakkPress Apps, we help Shopify store owners by offering smart solutions that make running your online business easier. Our apps do things like recovering abandoned shopping carts and adding new features to your store, all designed to help your business grow faster.

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Enhanced Customer Engagement

MakkPress Apps has cool tools like Push Remarketing to bring back customers and maybe sell more stuff.

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Loyalty and Promotion Tools

Things like MP Store Credit and the MakkPress Free Shipping Bar make customers want to keep coming back and spend more.

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Location-Based Services

The MakkPress Store Finder and Product Checker help customers by giving services based on location, improving their shopping experience.

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Real-Time Notifications

MakkPress Apps helps stores talk easily with customers using Quick Notification features. This means they can quickly tell customers about sales, alerts, and promotions as they happen.

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Happy Clients
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Awards Won

Make your online business better: Change how things work in e-commerce.

Boost your business with clever tools to work better and come up with creative marketing ideas.

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More Creativity

Offer more creativity and uniqueness through multiple customization tools and a user-friendly interface.

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Scale Budgets Efficiently

Manage your budget efficiently by using data-driven insights and analytics to optimize marketing spending.

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Smart Dashboards

Provide dashboards to monitor the project in real-time and manage marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

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Control Center

Works as a center hub to effectively manage all aspects of business activities, enhancing coordination and control.

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Email Reports

Automatically generated email reports help you save time by avoiding the manual task of data compilation and analysis.

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Using MP Store Credit apps makes it easier to handle returns and refunds, saving time and reducing paperwork.


Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Discover Real Stories of Success and Transformation

"Ever since we added the MakkPress Store Locator to our online store, our customers have had a much better time. Now, they can easily discover our actual stores, and this has brought more people in and boosted our sales. Setting it up was a simple process, and we noticed the positive effects right away. It's been a real game-changer for our strategy across different channels."

Henry Cooper

"The Push Remarketing app from MakkPress is amazing. It helped us reconnect with customers who left their carts, making our sales go up a lot. The easy-to-use design and personalized notifications make it a must-have for any online store wanting to sell more."

Duke Collins

Implementing MakkPress's Push Notification App was a game-changer for our online store. The ability to send personalized messages directly to our customers' devices has drastically increased our engagement rates and boosted our sales.

Adam Garcia

The MakkPress Product Validator has revolutionized how we manage our product listings. Now, our customers get real-time validation on product availability, which has improved their shopping experience significantly and reduced junk queries.

Ema Evans