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Give Your Customers A Wallet For Store Credits

MakkPress Store Credit App makes it easy for you to keep customers coming back by turning returns into new buys, keeping their money in the store.

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Change Returns into Sales
Change Returns into Sales

Make it so when customers bring things back, they can get store credits instead of their money back. This way, they are more likely to buy something else from your store later, turning a returned item into a chance for a new sale.

Digital Wallet in Your Store
Digital Wallet in Your Store

When customers have credits in your store, like a wallet they can only use with you, they will spend that money in your shop. It's a good way to make sure the money stays with you, and they come back to buy more.

Rewards for Buying
Rewards for Buying

When customers buy certain things, give them a little money back as a reward. This makes them happy and more likely to keep shopping at your store, because they know they are getting something extra.

Simple to Get Started
Simple to Get Started

You can quickly add lots of store credits all at once with a simple file, and then watch how your customers use them easily. It's a trick to start, and keeping track of everything is straightforward, so you can focus on making your customers happy.

Manage Customer Credit Efficiently

Easily update customer credit information. Export credit balaānces and transaction history conveniently.

Update customer credit in bulk
Export current credit balances
Access credit transaction history
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Retained Revenue

Store credit, unlike cash refunds that can be used anywhere, ensures that the refunded amount is only usable within the same store or its affiliated stores.

Encourages future purchases
Limits cash outflows
Supports customer loyalty
Drives repeat business

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Many retailers (90%) use loyalty programs to keep customers coming back. But they can do better by making it easier for customers to use their loyalty points when they shop. This change can help keep more customers loyal, with fewer than 30% leaving.

Enhances customer retention
Builds long-term relationships
Drives repeat purchases
Encourages brand advocacy
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Benefits Of Store Credit

Flexible Returns

Store Credits give you more options when dealing with returns. Imagine you sell homemade soaps or candles. If a customer uses one candle and then wants to return the rest because they don't like the scent, you can offer store credits instead of a full refund. This way, you can still make some money back by reselling the returned items.

Customer Preference

Some customers like store credits better than getting their money back. They might not trust banks to handle refunds quickly. With store credits, they can start shopping again right away. This is also helpful for gift returns when the person returning the item isn't the one who bought it.

Preventing Returns

Store credits can stop some returns from happening. For example, if a customer sees the price of an item drop after they bought it, they might feel upset. Instead of returning the item, you can give them store credits for the price difference. This shows good customer service and keeps them happy.

Why Should Businesses Use Store Credit?

Lose less revenue to returned merchandise:

When customers return items, giving store credit instead of cash refunds prevents money from leaving the business. It encourages customers to exchange items, keeping sales within the store and improving flexibility.

Enhance customer retention and loyalty:

Instead of losing customers due to returns, offering store credit gives them another chance to find products they like. This builds trust and encourages repeat business, strengthening relationships with customers.

Encourage customers to spend more:

Offering store credit can increase customer visits by almost 30%. Customers tend to spend more than their credit amount, resulting in higher sales for the retailer. This strategy taps into customer's desire to explore and buy more during their visits.

Drive Customer Engagement, Soar Conversions, and Enhance Your Sales Effortlessly!

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Automated Credit Accumulation

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Customizable Credit Rules

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User-Friendly Interface

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Easy Integration


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